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Together Again

I finally said YES, to His urging of getting out and enjoying my life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve declined His offers. Boy was He patient! There was one time. I took him up on his offer to meet for dinner at a really lovely place in the city. He knows I enjoy trendy restaurants and good food, so he did his homework and found a place in the East Village. I went all the way to the city, dressed up and suddenly consumed with panic, I stood Him up. I felt bad, but I couldn’t have dinner with someone that wasn’t my husband. Later that evening, I sent a heart felt reason why I couldn’t take it. Waiting to hear his disappointment, he instead understood and said, “He would wait for me to become more comfortable with Him.” Well, laa-dee-dah!  He also said he wasn’t going anywhere, unless I gave up first. HA! If I had a penny for every time I heard a man say, well I’d be stinking rich! I didn’t understand why he would say that because we were childhood friends. Yes, life took crazy tw…


Vontae Davis, cornerback for the Buffalo Bills, decided not to play the second of the game and retire at the same time. He went back to the locker room, got dressed and left the stadium with no regrets. Lily*, began a conversation with my close friend at the sports bar, as I watched this event take place with the Buffalo Bills. Lily got blessed with two job offers, one on her own and the other through my friend. The first job prospect is a safety job, where many of the employees are there for at least 30-40 years, without much mobility. The other job for a small, rather prosperous and lucrative company, offers mobility, but flexibility to work on the weekends. My friend gave her the best advice, which was taking a leap of faith and taking the job at the small business. A sense of peace washed over her, from the advice to which she added, “Something told me I should take the job at the smaller business, because Father God put it on me great things will come from it.” A few touchdowns l…


Love is labor. No one ever said once two people meet and the honeymoon stage is over, it will it be smooth sailing. That’s the time we need to nurture our relationship more than even. Communication, trust and faithfulness are elements to help build a deeper lasting relationship. These elements create a deep intimacy that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, there’s a connection that no mountain, ocean or state line can severe. Getting to the place where your connection is strong and unshakable when storms hit, requires work. It’s the same way we are to build a relationship with God. However, God’s love for us is effortless and regardless of our sinful nature, He is loving, caring, compassionate, and faithful. He wants us to love others the same way! It is possible to love another human being the same way? Yes, it is! However, far too many of us, complicate God’s definition of love, because we’re sinful and confuse desires of the flesh as love.

As humans we labor in love, becau…


Hurricane season is upon us and it brings with torrential rain and destructive winds. I experienced my first Hurricane as a child in Trinidad. From a child’s point of view, it was scary  beyond, anything I’d ever imagined. The roaring winds shook my grandmothers house, rattling every windowpane and floor board. I remembered my mother holding me tight in her arms, as we both held on to one another, till the storm passed.  In the midst of any storm, worry, dread, fear and doubt consumes us as the roaring wind rips apart homes and shakes us deep in our core. How can we even think about the next day, when we’re not sure we will survive the eye of the storm? Preparing for storms to hit, gives us a little comfort knowing we can face anything the storms brings. However, lack of preparation leads us to an even deeper deluge than what we left behind. Imagine all the people who were warned of the oncoming storm that day, but no one took heed. It left many without homes and many lives lost. As …


There’s a war brewing deep inside us that wreaks havoc on our mind when we leave our thoughts open to negativity (the enemy). I can start the day in prayer and meditation, leading to a productive morning, segue to the start of a peaceful afternoon, when maybe an image or a song, will trigger an event from my past. This will conjure up an old wound and before I know it, I am crying. After taking a moment to relax, I have a stern conversation with the enemy, letting him know that his old schemes and tactics used to shake me, will NOT BREAK ME. Since I’ve let go of the old and replaced it with the new, the enemy has tried to use past events to disrupt my walk with Christ. Oh, how he’s tried to shake me, but I’ve chosen to, “Live a life filled with love, following the example as a sacrifice for us, a pleasing aroma to God.” Ephesians 5:2
Don’t get it twisted, living a Christian life isn’t easy. It’s the time when your faith is tested and everything comes against you, even the weather and a…


The first thing we want to do whenever someone’s done us wrong is to retaliate and seek some serious revenge. I’ve been faced with serious temptation to get back at folks that have done me wrong. However, something, rather someone held me back. The Lord changed my perception of how I handle situations that occur in my life, which left me without the desire to see any kind of self centered judgment. When circumstances beyond my control transpired, the revenge tactics and techniques mounted. I practically drove myself crazy as ideas circulated in my head of ways to get my point of pain across, while being the victor once I drove the sword in the hearts my enemies. YEA! However, the many ways I chose to distract myself from facing my pain, inflicting revenge on my enemies was another distraction which did more harm to my emotion health, than good. So, I chilled.

The hardest part in following the path of Christ is yielding to temptation when we’re facing adversity. Watching the same people…