Love is labor. No one ever said once two people meet and the honeymoon stage is over, it will it be smooth sailing. That’s the time we need to nurture our relationship more than even. Communication, trust and faithfulness are elements to help build a deeper lasting relationship. These elements create a deep intimacy that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, there’s a connection that no mountain, ocean or state line can severe. Getting to the place where your connection is strong and unshakable when storms hit, requires work. It’s the same way we are to build a relationship with God. However, God’s love for us is effortless and regardless of our sinful nature, He is loving, caring, compassionate, and faithful. He wants us to love others the same way! It is possible to love another human being the same way? Yes, it is! However, far too many of us, complicate God’s definition of love, because we’re sinful and confuse desires of the flesh as love.

As humans we labor in love, because it’s our job to turn something beautiful as love created by God, into something comprised by our own agenda, aka SINFUL. So, we choose to fall victim to the world’s lack luster view of love. God on the other hand loves us even as we complicate our lives. The pure agape love. When we walk away from love, He never walks away, nor will He ever. Instead, we do the walking away. The depth of God’s love is shown when King Jehoshaphat had to face an attack against a bunch of “ites”, as I like to call them, he had no idea how if he could win (2 Chronicles 20) He was pretty shaken about the threat and needed to regroup and seek counsel from God. God sent someone to send a prophetic word which was basically to chillax and head out the next day to face his attackers. In other words, I’ve got your back and you don’t need to stress out. Watch what I can do! The day of the fight, “King Jehoshaphat went out on the battle line and stood in front his men and told them to sing praises to the Lord God Almighty and the splendor of his holiness. Standing at the head of his army he said, “Give thanks to the Lord, for his love endures forever.” 2 Chronicles 20:15.  GOD’S LOVE ENDURES FOREVER! Even during battle, which He won for the king (were there any doubts), His love for the king still remained intact. Even when the king had doubts about how they were going to win, God still loved him. Imagine He loves me and you like that, as well. Nice right?

As humans, we do our best to complicate and mess up things. Negative controversy is what we live for! We make sure to broadcast it on social media, because we need an audience. When I was at the height of my disparity losing my son and my husband leaving, I could smell the controversy a mile away. I had no idea what to do, but luckily my mother in law was there to create the ultimate war room for me to give it all to Christ. God uses the people we least expect to make moves in our lives. The war room became the only place I sought refuge and safety. When things are bad, I suggest you build a war room or prayer closet and make it your personal place to meet with God. I felt God’s love in my war room, during a time when I felt unloved and undeserving of anything. It took a while for me to truly grasp the depth of how much God loved me while I grieved. For anyone dealing with hurt and pain, rest assured you’re not alone. You may think you are, but falling to your knees and calling out God’s name for help is a GREAT THING. It’s the best move because you will never regret giving it all to the ONE who loves you the most.

A year later and here I am still standing firm and praying each day to my Savior for the strength and endurance to remain faithful to Him. I know what God’s love feels like and I can’t get enough of it. It didn’t matter what circumstance I faced, He loved me and made His presence known. He remained faithful to me and guided my steps, paving the way for me to be where I am right now. The desire to step off the path and do something out character looms daily. He replaced bitterness and resentment, by guiding me to be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter and servant. My enemies have taken a back seat since God’s fully taken over. He continues to chisel away areas of my life that can potentially hinder my walk with Him. Hey, I’m flawed and do dumb things at times! I, too complicate things, as well. However, as I trust that He continues to transform me, He is also transforming every area of my life. I refuse to divert from the path He’s laid out before me. Even when things aren’t as I truly as I want them to be, I trust God will take care of everything. It’s amazing how His love leaves us loving others even when they too have hurt us. Paul illustrates love in I Corinthians 13:7, “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance.” How can I ever turn away from these words defining who my God is and who I am in Him? We were created by God who is love. With all our sins and flaws, He will always love us and we never have to labor for it, it’s a free gift to all willing to accept it.

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