There’s a war brewing deep inside us that wreaks havoc on our mind when we leave our thoughts open to negativity (the enemy). I can start the day in prayer and meditation, leading to a productive morning, segue to the start of a peaceful afternoon, when maybe an image or a song, will trigger an event from my past. This will conjure up an old wound and before I know it, I am crying. After taking a moment to relax, I have a stern conversation with the enemy, letting him know that his old schemes and tactics used to shake me, will NOT BREAK ME. Since I’ve let go of the old and replaced it with the new, the enemy has tried to use past events to disrupt my walk with Christ. Oh, how he’s tried to shake me, but I’ve chosen to, “Live a life filled with love, following the example as a sacrifice for us, a pleasing aroma to God.” Ephesians 5:2

Don’t get it twisted, living a Christian life isn’t easy. It’s the time when your faith is tested and everything comes against you, even the weather and a rented dress. Because of this, I have the desire to commit ungodly acts. I had a melt down a few moments ago before working on this post, over something that required more patience. Patience is definitely a character trait we need to explore in the near future, because my patience is running extra thin. Patience allows me to have better control over my thoughts, when circumstances aren’t going the way I planned. Without patience, I quickly become bogged down by life and assume the worse. My meltdown lasts for about twenty minutes, but I'm saved by the pulling at my heart to surrender it to God. Colossians 3:2 says, “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” It’s hard to surrender it all to Father God, when our minds fall prey to every bit of discouragement, doubt, failure and anger. To say it’s easy to watch your laptop freeze in the middle of a great thought or not gaining any headway in your job perspectives, screams bloody murder. But, thank God for the heart pull, because I would either catch a case or burn the house down. 

We need to guard our hearts and minds from the enemy at all costs. When a seed is planted in the mind, it can manifest into something we will later regret, especially if it’s not ordained by the Lord. For the past two years, I’ve planted so many seeds in my head, I should have a plentiful garden of court cases and time in the state penitentiary. However, there’s power in calling on the NAME OF THE LORD, when life’s chaos ensues. Our mind is like a big empty box that we get to fill with goodies. WE can choose to fill it with good things or with bad things. Bad thoughts, such as failure, anger, lack, doubt, and fear can manifest itself in ways we least expect. Our thoughts deceive our emotions. When we answer the thoughts of anger, desire, lust, and fear, we open the door to allow our emotions to get the best of us. These emotions were once deceptive thoughts we breathed life into. Don’t breathe life into negative thoughts! Imagine that? The life you’re living is the life you breathe into existence. Perhaps a deceptive thought took root, now it lives and breathes like a harrowing demon. It’s why we must gain control of both thoughts and emotions, because both have the ability to do more harm than good. If we allow it to take hold of us, it can be a very dangerous thing. 

The ongoing battle rages in our minds, but when we are complacent, we leave it exposed to the devils schemes. You know the saying, “An idle mind is the devils playground.” It’s not just a saying, it’s the truth! The devil wages war on us each and everyday, from depression, suicide, murder, infidelity, divorce, anger, disease, war, the list goes on. Imagine turning those same thoughts into thoughts of empowerment? It’s a slippery slope when we surrender to thoughts that take root. As soon as they make an appearance it’s our job to turn them round and use them to our advantage. Trusting the Lord with our fears and worries, empowers us to keep our eyes on His promises and most importantly, “You will keep in perfect peace a steadfast mind, because they trust in you.” (Isaiah 26:3) Don’t pay lip service to Father God. We use lip service as a decoy to protect the seed taking root in out minds. In other words, don’t say we believe in God, but then we fall victim to our uncontrollable emotions.

How do we help someone who is battling mind games? Well, WWJD (What Would Jesus Do), let’s see. To follow the footsteps of Christ, we must pray and exercise deep faith. It’s our duty as disciples to clean up the debris this world invokes on friends, family and even strangers. We must be the rock to hold it down when chaos and mayhem ensures. The devil loves chaos. He wants it in every household, every marriage, every community, EVERYWHERE! While, it may seem like a hard task, doing God’s work, even to the non-believer is simply acting on the love and compassion He has for all of us. It’s as simple as lending a shoulder to cry on and loving someone who needs some good loving. It’s as disciples, we are to help those who are in need of a mental overhaul and to clear out everything that hinders their path to their God given destiny in this crazy world. Yes, while it’s hard surrendering it all to God, isn’t it better than losing your mind? 


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