The first thing we want to do whenever someone’s done us wrong is to retaliate and seek some serious revenge. I’ve been faced with serious temptation to get back at folks that have done me wrong. However, something, rather someone held me back. The Lord changed my perception of how I handle situations that occur in my life, which left me without the desire to see any kind of self centered judgment. When circumstances beyond my control transpired, the revenge tactics and techniques mounted. I practically drove myself crazy as ideas circulated in my head of ways to get my point of pain across, while being the victor once I drove the sword in the hearts my enemies. YEA! However, the many ways I chose to distract myself from facing my pain, inflicting revenge on my enemies was another distraction which did more harm to my emotion health, than good. So, I chilled.

The hardest part in following the path of Christ is yielding to temptation when we’re facing adversity. Watching the same people who hurt you, take consecutive wins, while you’re hurting and staying close to Christ, ain’t for the faint of heart. When raw human emotions control us, we’re exacerbating an already bad situation, with no real solution in sight. Leaving our battles in Father God’s hands lightens our loads, so we can free ourselves from the difficulties of this life. We are then able to freely walk in Christ without any distraction. In order to truly receive peace, I handed over everything in my life to the Lord. That took a very long time. This brings to mind Psalms 17:13, “Arise, O Lord! Stand against them, and bring them to their knees! Rescue me from the wicked with your sword!” I read this Psalm repeatedly when temptation became too much to bear. I imagined King David pleading with the Lord when he needed to be rescued from his enemies. However, in chapter 18, verse 2-21, it says, “The Lord rewarded me for doing right; he restored me because of my innocence. For I have kept the ways of the Lord; I have not turned from my God to follow evil.” The desire to pursue evil when it seems like a good idea, can only create a boomerang effect. King David did in fact fall into temptation with the scandalous affair, with Bathsheba followed by murdering her husband. He repented his sin to God, but in return Father God took his new born son as a form of discipline. It wasn’t like King David didn’t have other wives, but he coveted another man’s wife which led to murder which lead to the death of the child. So, when you want to go buck wild and do your own thing, remember things have a way of coming back. In other words, DON’T PISS GOD OFF!

This brings me to the depths of my prays to yield to temptation. It’s definitely something I pray for intensely each day because even though I follow the path Christ has me on, there’s still the tugging at my heart to seek revenge. It’s what the enemies wants, to divert my course and pay attention to situations that has nothing to do with my destiny. Notice, when you’re on your path, the enemy will create a series of diversions to pull you off your path, which causes you to lose focus. It’s no wonder when you’re doing the right thing, a number of things will happen, leaving your emotions frayed. The only thing you may want to do is create havoc. These diversions can take you away from what Father God wants you to do. How tempting it is to just go off on everyone that’s created some glitch in your life? There was a point in my life, where I wanted to get my point across at how angry I was, but like King David, I prayed asking God to help me stand against everyone who hurt me, persecuted me, devised plans to hurt me behind my back, boy the list is endless! I chose that side of King David to emulate and not the adulterous one. I stayed the course God laid out for me, but because I’m flawed and imperfect, I refuse to divert.

The enemy created a diversion to veer King David off his path with God. With this diversion, King David had to endure the aftermath of his actions, the death of his son, which left him at peace. The peace he acquired from God, blew the folks at the palace away, because they thought he was gonna lose his ever-loving mind. Instead, he took his loss like a champ and went about his business. I’m sure he felt like a chump at some point, but hey, he learned his lesson. Don’t act like you God and get ahead of yourself! YOU WILL GET PLAYED! He learned to fully submit to God and most importantly, to yield to temptation when it rears its ugly  head. We can make plans to suit our needs, but God is the only one who directs our paths. In other words, from jobs choices to relationship choices to career choices, to everything in between, God’s the one who directs our steps. It’s no wonder when we make plans for a bright future we think will happen, it never turns out the way we thought. I know I did, but had events not happened the way it did, I wouldn’t be writing this blog and I certainly wouldn’t have given my life to the Lord. By doing so, God turned a bad situation with some serious horrid potential by the enemy, into something good, something even wonderful. A battle I turned over to Him because HE WINS ALL BATTLES! HE AIN’T NO DIGITAL PAPER CHAMP! So when temptation strikes, give it to God, He will indeed set your course straight and hey, there’s nothing wrong with a fair win?

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