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In Stephen’s Hawking’s new and final book, “Brief Answers to Big Questions,” he writes, “There is no God. No one directs the universe.” He further adds,"For centuries, it was believed that disabled people like me were living under a curse that was inflicted by God," he adds. "I prefer to think that everything can be explained another way, by the laws of nature.” Of all the information Hawking’s presents in his last book, this one left me a little stumped. There’s many people who doubt the existence of God. After all, if there were a God, why would he allow all this suffering in the world, innocent lives lost due to school shootings, famine and disease. However, it’s by God’s grace things aren’t as bad it can actually be, because let’s face, it could get a whole lot worse, probably worse than we could ever imagine. I have a few friends who believe in the “Big Bang Theory” and science for the existence of man kind, but when asked can’t build a credible argument. One frien…


I recently had a colorful conversation with a friend of mine who related to me how horrible the last few years had been for him. From 2016 till present day, it had been nothing but a string of death, disappointments, financial struggles, break ups, separations, cancer battles and car accidents. He went on for a while, but at one point in the middle of the conversation, he continued, “Over the winter, you said, I got this feeling that this will be our year. We’re gonna take some serious wins and come out with the last laugh. Well, since then, my sister died, I lost my job, I’m broke and the kids are sick.” Let me clarify, when he related this information to me, he said it with humor, which made me laugh hysterically, because I do recall the conversation and me telling him I have a really good feeling about this year (2018). At the time, our life situations weren’t going quite the way we thought it would, but even though it appeared that way in the natural, spiritually it gave me the fe…


Florence and the Machine sang one of my favorite songs titled, “Shake It Off.” The chorus of the song goes, “Shake it off, whoa, when its time to dance when the devils on your back so shake him off.” We’re all aware of the glory and goodness of God. His love and goodness carries us through the darkest days, but what about the devil? The devil doesn’t show up wearing red, with a pitch fork and horns. That would be the tabasco guy. The devil disguises himself as our worldly desires. From love, money, fame, fortune, perfect bodies, you name it, the devil smells our desires and entices us with ways to acquire them. In doing so, he let’s us know that our happiness is first and it shouldn’t matter how we acquire our desires, as long as we get them. Therefore, self focus takes a front seat. We have to give the devil serious street cred, he’s always working to make our perception of what we need to make us happy, as hellish as possible, once we fall victim to his schemes.

When we fall for his …