Florence and the Machine sang one of my favorite songs titled, “Shake It Off.” The chorus of the song goes, “Shake it off, whoa, when its time to dance when the devils on your back so shake him off.” We’re all aware of the glory and goodness of God. His love and goodness carries us through the darkest days, but what about the devil? The devil doesn’t show up wearing red, with a pitch fork and horns. That would be the tabasco guy. The devil disguises himself as our worldly desires. From love, money, fame, fortune, perfect bodies, you name it, the devil smells our desires and entices us with ways to acquire them. In doing so, he let’s us know that our happiness is first and it shouldn’t matter how we acquire our desires, as long as we get them. Therefore, self focus takes a front seat. We have to give the devil serious street cred, he’s always working to make our perception of what we need to make us happy, as hellish as possible, once we fall victim to his schemes.

When we fall for his enticements by the lies he wields in our heads, he leads us to a momentary place of peace and great happiness. We think, “Man, why didn’t I leave my wife sooner, I'm free or why didn’t I snort a line of cocaine before all my marathons. DUH, what rock was I living under!” Little do we know, when we open the door, we prompt the devil to come in. Once he’s in, be ready for what’s in store because believe me, it won’t be pretty. He has a great way of manipulating situations. He will get you to open door using a scheme, then he turns everything around and creates strife in the very thing you desired. Crazy right? He turns the sanctity of marriage into something fly by night, whispering lies to every spouse that there's something far better out there. He then waits for an opening for the right moment and executes his plan. We fall for it all the time! We think we’re doing the right thing by pursuing happiness for something better, but in the spiritual reality, we are being deceived. It’s then we begin to live the lies the devil has implanted in us and then the strife and paranoia begins. If it was conceived out of deception, then it will end in such.

I had a conversation with my best friend the other day about facing our truths and being set free. He seemed confused after I adamantly said, “I want to be set free.” I elaborated my statement. Because I chose to live a life based on biblical principle and truly return to what I’d been taught as a child, I’d become enslaved to the world, all its corruption and deception. I wasn’t that crazy, but I wasn’t living my life following God’s purpose. Therefore, I broke the chains of what kept me shackled. Instead of being enslaved to lies and deceptions of the world, I shackled myself to Father God’s word. I filled my mind and heart with it and it was then, the devil fled. However, I saw the devil hanging on to my best friend, still filling his head with lies and deception. It was then, I asked to be set free. Father God responded with, “I will end your captivity and restore your fortunes.” Jeremiah 29:14 I sought His guidance and counsel. I no longer felt shackled by my past. I took in all the Glory God had in store for me and I was able to be led into a new, improved covenant.

        In order for change to take place in our lives, we have to allow God to work in us. Our transformation is crucial to how God wants us to fulfill His purpose. Following God’s purpose takes a great amount of discipline and commitment. His purpose for our lives almost never makes sense at the present moment. It seems as if everything wrong will definitely go wrong. That’s when the devil appears and takes a seat on your back. He’s there to make us second guess God’s plan. It’s business as usual when the devil begins to weave lies and deception into our heads, because he knows EXACTLY what to say and when to say it. He uses pretty much everything of this world to entice us, even when we’re doing God’s work. It’s so important to be aware of our actions and behaviors. Therefore, please take my advice: “humble yourselves. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” I Corinthians 4:7 There’s no question, when you give the devil a foothold, he will indeed give you what you desire. However, once the demons come out to play, you better be ready with what comes with playing in the devils yard. They play to the death. Therefore, the need to fulfill our every desire pulls us into an abyss of darkness that is truly hard to come out of because the devil is ruler of the darkness. We want money, then he will make the pursuit of money our sole purpose. We want love, then he will disguise lust as love and you will pursue it. He loves the word pursuit, pursuit of happiness, pursuit of perfection, once he hears the word, he’s front and center. He flexes his knuckles and gets to work. Sadly, we fall for his lies and manipulations each and every time. Discernment teaches us to that such feelings aren’t from God, but the devil perched on our backs. This finally takes me to the question I asked my friend to be set free. A simple response to a far off confession made me realize I was finally able to shake the devil off my back. I’m now free.

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